Welcome to Galapagos

Galapagos is the friendly source-based Linux distribution. Built out of the long history of the venerable Gentoo Linux distribution, Galapagos has three defining goals.

  1. Quality packages.
  2. Security.
  3. Friendliness.


Galapagos Linux is available for Intel x86, PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, SPARC, and other architectures. And it's entirely free and open source. Try it now and see how Galapagos is making Linux fun again!

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Our core tenets drive everything we do.

Quality Packages

Packages should never be known to crash or misbehave when they are distributed. We combine automated continuous integration with rigorous testing to ensure every package we ship is reliable for you.


Security issues are a fact of modern computing. Issues should be handled promptly and disclosed responsibly to all involved parties. We have a formal security process in place to keep you safe.


People are different, and so are we. We have codified our dedication to ensuring all of our users have a voice in how our distribution is run.