Installing APK Foundry

  1. Ensure all dependencies mentioned in the README are present.

  2. Create Options:


    Defaults to usr; can also be usr/local. This is relative to $DESTDIR, see below.


    The location under which to install the files in docs/. The default is $PREFIX/share/doc/apkfoundry.


    Path to the non-setuid bwrap(1) binary. It can be an absolute path or a command name that is resolved using $PATH. The default is bwrap.nosuid.


    Default apk architecture name to use if none is given when bootstrapping containers. The default is x86_64 so you'll probably need to change this.

  3. Run make configure. This will bake in some of the options you specified in the previous step.

  4. Run make. This will build the Python files and the libexec static binaries.

  5. Optionally, run make check.

  6. Run make install. Options:


    Root directory under which to install. Defaults to $PWD/target.


    The location where APK Foundry internal binaries should be placed. The default is $PREFIX/libexec/apkfoundry. This will be baked into APK Foundry.